Ludeke knows Bulls must beat record books

Getty Images     21 Jul 2012     Getty Images

The Bulls have to look as far back as the inaugural season of Super rugby, in 1996, to see their only win away against the Crusaders.

However, Ludeke believes his side is capable of winning this time around having shown a disregard for the record books previously.

"There have been highlights and low points," he told Sapa, "and there have been a couple of games where we really felt we did not play according to our potential.

"We would really like to finish the season successfully and we have another chance this weekend. We believe the team can do it for us," he said.

The comfort the Bulls take into the match is their playoffs record against the Crusaders.

While they have met four times in the playoffs, with the Crusaders winning the first of the games at home 35-15 in 2006, the last three games in 2007, 2009 and 2010 saw wins to the Bulls when the games were played in Pretoria.

"There isn't one team that has the edge on another and it will all come down to which team handles the pressure the best," Ludeke said.

"This is finals rugby and we know how to handle the pressure. We are playing away but we know this is a once-off game and we know what we have to do."

The game was the most important of the season and while they had made some adjustments to their game they were confident going into the match. He acknowledged the danger the Crusaders represented with the ball in hand.

"The last four or five games they tried to keep the ball in space and up the speed and tempo of the matches. We look forward to the weekend and we've worked hard to get to this phase and we will have to make sure we use the opportunity," he said.