Sharks aim to retain physicality

Getty Images     30 Jul 2012     Getty Images

If able to achieve that then anything was possible, he said after his side upset the Stormers in Cape Town 26-19.

The Sharks faced an improbable task of flying to Brisbane to beat the Reds to qualify for the semi-finals and then had to return to South Africa.

Plumtree played down the travel factor and the associated jet lag.

"We never made a big thing about it. We didn't want to use it as an excuse and I think that was critical to this performance. I'm really proud of the way the guys got over it mentally.

"My own personal opinion about it is that the players are younger and get over it quicket. We've just got to get these boys back up for the final," he said.

Plumtree said the Sharks effort was one of the best displays he had seen from them during his tenure.

"They've got that confidence and it grows a bit with every week.

"A few weeks ago they would not have won this match and it shows how much they've gown in self-belief.

The Sharks flew out on Sunday for Sydney and will fly to Hamilton on Friday.

Stormers captain Jean de Villiers said it would make a fantastic story if the Sharks could beat the travel factor.

"I said it earlier in the week, the Sharks are on a roll, and you wouldn't bet against them. They've shown they can overcome the travel factor," he said.

"I think it will be tough. They've got a fantastic chance."