Steyn back on track for South Africa

Getty Images     13 Aug 2012     Getty Images

The pair were hammered by South African fans for their less than expected showings in the June series against England. Hougaard's tactical kicking game and Steyn's goal-kicking were the sources of concern for many.

Steyn had been the cornerstone of South Africa's points scoring throughout his career but operated at only 57 percent against England and, most crucially, missed four attempts in the 14-14 third Test.

Springbok assistant coach Ricardo Loubscher said the pair were on track for the Championship.

"Francois is in a good space. We had a good look into him this past week, and there is a lot of energy. We're looking forward to getting in a great second week ahead of the first Test against Argentina," he told

"In terms of Morne, he's been a professional for a long time. He will know what he needs to work on, and he'll be looking to pick up form and maintain those high standards that we're all used to. He's also in a good space," he said.

Troubling as Steyn's goal-kicking may have been, there were no concerns with his round-the-field play.

"If you look at most of the tries we scored against England, you will see Morne played a huge part during those attacks. I'm very happy with his contribution in general play and I'm sure he'll continue to make impact in that regard," Loubscher said.