Wounded Wallabies continue to get reality checks

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James Mortimer     30 Aug 2012     Getty Images

So far this week coach Robbie Deans has had to constantly defend himself, while the Wallabies have had their comments turned against them, with Australian media using statistics to back up the fact that it was not an “unplayable” All Blacks team they faced.

Using the unusually high number of handling errors committed by the World Champions (approximately 25 according to most sources), it has been pointed out that while perhaps the Wallabies can’t go any lower – it is far from a polished All Blacks operation at this time, and that the world's best team has plenty of improvement in them.

These comments have been backed up by the men in black themselves, saying that they left plenty of points on the park.

Defensively the Wallabies did hold their ground, for the All Blacks eight linebreaks, 20 broken tackles and nearly 30 offloads would have under normal circumstances cut a team to ribbons.

'I was proud with how our guys hung in because it was clearly a dominant performance by the All Blacks,” Deans said.

'To have only one try scored against us was pretty remarkable,” he added, with the All Blacks scoring 18 tries in five tests this season.

“They are such a relentless side. Whether they have or haven't got the ball, they're attacking you. We tried narrow, we tried wide, they closed both. They are a very experienced side, on top of their game. There's no let up. The shackles are off.'

The Wallabies play the Springboks in Perth in a fortnight, with the Australians holding a four match winning streak against the visitors, with their most recent meeting being the 11-9 quarter-final in the Rugby World Cup.