Boric looking good for 2013 start

James Mortimer     02 Sep 2012    

The 28-year-old had neck surgery late last month, going under the knife after hoping for months that rest and recuperation would be the ticket to heal a concern that Boric had suffered for years.

A pre-season match cause the injury to flare up, and then against the Bulls in this year's competition he was scratched for the season, first unable to play against the Stormers in Cape Town - before he joined a massive Blues casualty ward.

With such injuries and their subsequent surgeries, there is a minor risk that a player will not take the rugby field again, but Boric - and Kirwan - are keen if he gets the medical all-clear.

"I want him, that's an easy decision and think he will be ready for the first game next year," coach John Kirwan said to the NZ Herald.

"But we have to wait for these things to be sorted out between the NZRU and the Blues."

Boric initially thought the injury was minor, but despite playing out arguably the Blues result of the season, beating the Bulls 29-23 at Loftus, the next morning the lock knew he was in trouble.

"I felt it (my neck) pop (during playing)," he said.

"There were no nerve symptoms and I carried on playing. I guess that was pretty stupid but with the adrenalin it seemed okay.

"Afterwards it got stiff and I iced it and went to bed. But I woke up early with pins and needles in both hands and that's when I knew it was getting worse."

Boric said his surgeon had given him cause to believe he could make it back on the field next season.

"The surgeon, Dr Geoff Coldham, is optimistic I will be back next year. He thinks it is a five- to six-month rehab process," he said.