Pumas to remain true to values despite Henry's teachings

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James Mortimer     02 Sep 2012     Getty Images

No doubt many South Americans would love it if Henry managed to help Phelan develop a heady hybrid of Pumas front power and All Blacks offensive class, but Henry did say that it was important that the traditional aspects of their game remained intact.

After all, if it all begins up front, then the Pumas have the initial platforms, and Henry's time with the side had been more about adding some delicate brushstrokes to what South Americans hope will eventually be a grand masterpiece.

"We want to take as much from him and ensure we take the best parts to make us a better team," Phelan said.

"We spoke to him about how we function and he made it clear that Argentina should retain its core values."

"The scrum, maul and defence."

"He doesn't (want to) try and change the character of Argentina rugby.

"(Henry was) just adding little things to our team and keeping the good things that the Argentina rugby philosophy has."

Henry worked with the Pumas for two weeks during the June Internationals, where Argentina played Italy and France, while he spent further time with them while a powerful Stade Francais team toured in early August.

"It was very good for us," Phelan said.

"He may not have had a lot of time, but when he is with us it is an incredible help, I am certainly learning a lot from him."