Hansen wants quick ball for AllBlacks

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James Mortimer     25 Sep 2012     Getty Images

This season it has been all about speed for the All Blacks, showing their hand early, against Ireland in the Steinlager Series, with a blitzkrieg attack that yielded 15 tries in three test matches.

Seven tries in four test matches so far in The Investec Rugby Championship represents a poor return by All Blacks standards, but while Hansen admitted this, he said the team’s precision in some scoring plays was obvious.

“We're not scoring a lot of tries,” Hansen said.

“But the tries we are scoring are off set-piece play and no other team in the world's doing that to the same extent at the moment.”

Hansen said the issue wasn’t structure when it came to attack, but ensuring that the team was able to capitalise when play was loose or enemy defensive formations were fragmented.

“What we've got to do now is put together the broken play tries,” he said.

“Forwards and backs combining,” the unbeaten All Blacks coach said, referencing to what has been historically a great advantage for New Zealand teams.

“The opposition aren't allowing us to do that. So far they've been good enough to stop us.”

The last two tests the All Blacks have played Argentina it has taken at least a hour to break down their defences, while Hansen said they were looking at stopping the World Champions at the source.

“Argentina will look to slow it down and make it a scrappy game. If it does get scrappy we'll get what we got in Wellington,” he said.

“We've got to get quicker ball, we've got to win the collision as the ball carrier and get our cleanout right. We've got to keep the big Argentinian forwards from going off their feet, killing our ball and slowing our ball.”