Coaches get their credit for AllBlacks record La Plata win

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James Mortimer     02 Oct 2012     Getty Images

As the Springboks will attest to after their 16-16 draw in Mendoza, the Pumas grow some significant claws at home, but a humble and organised All Blacks team quietly went about their business, and proved that their talk of being dissapointed with execution had been well worked on in the two weeks leading into the Round Five clash.

Not only was the All Blacks physical prowess on display, again looking to run an opposition side off their feet, but the mental state of affairs was sound, with the World Champions sticking to their structure despite being shocked by the home team scoring the opening try.

The All Blacks now make the haul to Soccer City, the second leg of a long tour that will clock more flying hours than a trip to Europe.

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen said the way the week was structured, with light training early in the week, a day off on Wednesday, before a couple of intense but not overlong training runs, saw the side run out onto Argentina's newest rugby stadium ready to meet an Argentine team that certainly talked the talk leading into the clash.

"Probably the coaches got it dead right this week for the first time in a while," Hansen said.

He said that there was a good feeling during the week, saying that the team's training sessions were performed in a manner that hinted the All Blacks were ready to click.

"Our structure at training improved a bit too," Hansen said.

"We learned from previous weeks, and as a result we got a good performance."

"(But now we have) A nine-hour flight, a lot of that time will be taken up eating and sleeping and the guys probably won't get enough sleep."

"Then we're up all day, so we've just got to be smart in what we will do in the first couple of days."