Championship won, but AllBlacks instantly reset their goals

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James Mortimer     02 Oct 2012     Getty Images

Hansen didn't mince words when asked about the All Blacks newest trophy, which he made a point to move from the conference table to the floor, as if to emphasise the team's focus on new targets.

"That's dead and gone," Hansen said as he shifted the ultimate symbol of Southern Hemisphere international rugby supremacy to the floor.

"Keep it grounded," the All Blacks coach added, saying that it was important the team didn't reflect too much on their latest success.

It is a mantra that is often heard in this All Blacks camp, saying that this season the priority was to 'move on' from winning the Rugby World Cup.

The All Blacks will now look at setting a new record for the Tri-Nations/The Investec Rugby Championship, looking at becoming the fifth All Blacks side to go through the tournament unbeaten (and sixth team overall outside the 1998 Springboks), while becoming the second side to go through a six-match edition without tasting defeat.

The All Blacks have also conceded just 50 points, so if they can keep the Springboks to less than three points, they will break the all-time record, while they are on track to roughly (unless the Springboks run rampant) to break the six-match defensive record by roughly 40 points.

But any talk of such achievements in the first major competition the World Champions have competed in since beating France 8-7 at Eden Park last year have taken a firm backseat to the All Blacks just playing well in their next match.

"The focus is on having another good performance," Hansen said.

"It's nice we've won a trophy but it's more about performance. Trophies and clean sweeps and records are all a by-product of a team preparing well and playing well."

But despite this, Hansen could not deny that he had a formidable side at his disposal.

"If we prepare genuinely and honestly, we've got enough talent to beat anyone so we will be hard to beat," he said.