Hansen welcomes dogfight between Savea and Gear

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James Mortimer     06 Oct 2012     Getty Images

Savea was brilliant with his debut at Eden Park against the Irish, scoring three tries, but came back down to earth the following week in Christchurch. 

This saw the door open for Gear, although Savea again reminded the selectors of his talents as he scored his fifth and sixth test tries in Buenos Aires last week in his fifth test.

Hansen said he was not being dropped, but was being advised to focus on what had happened in the 22-year-old's big year so far.

"Julian has played really well but he's a young player and we felt he's had enough pressure on him," Hansen said.

"It's a good time to let him step back out of the caldron to have a wee breather and evaluate what he has achieved. He'll come back in sooner than later probably."

With two powerful wingers at his disposal, Hansen now said it was time for Gear to step up, as he had done before.

"Important for H (Gear) now to step in and step up and he did that last time we did this," he said.

"He played particularly well against Ireland, probably had one of his better tests so I'm expecting him to have a big game. He's itching to get out there and I think he'd like to play the game today."