AllBlacks gain communications edge with Tait

Getty Images     18 Oct 2012     Getty Images

The Christchurch-based company provides radios featuring secure encrypted voice communications technology to the All Blacks as part of a supplier agreement with the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU).

Tait has signed a new agreement with the NZRU for two years, having supplied the All Blacks with communications technology since 2007.

"In the modern, professional game, you need to exploit every edge to remain competitive so Tait is another key ingredient in our success story," said NZRU Chief Executive Steve Tew.

"The All Blacks pride themselves on consistent and excellent performance. To achieve that we need to be the very best at everything we do so it's great that we can partner with a New Zealand company that is also at the top of their game."

The digital mobile radios that the All Blacks coaching staff use feature the same Tait encryption technology that's used all over the world by police forces to fight organised crime.

They allow the coaches to relay tactics and order replacements during a match, and mean medical staff can roam between the sidelines and the pitch while staying in constant, secure, contact. The radios are also waterproof and filter-out unwanted background noise; a common problem in modern rugby stadia.

Darren Shand, All Blacks manager, said: "we need secure, reliable and clear communications at all times - the encryption capability on the Tait digital mobile radios delivers just that.

"It's great for us to be able to work with a Kiwi company that's producing some of the best technology in the world. Their global reputation means communications is one less thing we have to worry about, and we can concentrate on the game."

Tait tests its radios in a hi-tech laboratory at the company's American headquarters in Houston, Texas - a facility that's been recognised by the US Federal Government.

Frank Owen, managing director of Tait Communications said: "We're obviously proud to be able to supply a critical communication solution to the world's greatest rugby team. Just like the All Blacks, Tait is a Kiwi organisation that's playing on a global stage, and winning. Our global success is all homegrown, based on technology designed, developed and manufactured here in New Zealand."


About Tait Communications

Tait Communications is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing critical communication solutions that help utilities and public safety organizations to keep the lights on and communities safe.

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