Tew happy all now know the real Steve Hansen

Getty Images

James Mortimer     21 Dec 2012     Getty Images

Hansen, like his predecessor Sir Graham Henry, has (or had) a reputation as being a tough character, but has been able to display his unique humour and personality.

Tew said that if anything, the New Zealand public and media were now able to witness the real Steve Hansen.

“He's become much more confident and open with you guys (the media)”, Tew said.

“I think we've seen the real Steve Hansen come out which is something actually that I've been seeking to happen for some time.”

However Tew warned that the All Blacks excellent season, winning 12 Tests in a demanding 14 international calendar, meant that Hansen had results to buffer his public appearances.

“He's (Hansen and the All Blacks) also had a very good year,” Tew said.

“So the test will be if we have a more challenging set of results, won't it, because that's when you have to deal with the more challenging side of the media.”

“But Steve is very confident and I think he's a very humorous individual and we're just seeing a bit more of the normal Steve Hansen.”