Collisions and discipline identified by the Chiefs

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James Mortimer     12 Mar 2013     Getty Images

Rennie felt that the Stormers line speed and fearsome commitment in the tackle was the difference between the sides, while he lamented two yellow cards throughout the contest, one of which he said was simply a 'brain explosion'.

While it was the Chiefs first loss of the season, they will not walk away from Newlands with heads hanging low.

They took two bonus points, for scoring four tries and finishing within seven.

The former feat, meaning the Chiefs are only the second team in three-and-a-half seasons to put four tries on what has been considered Super Rugby's most awesome defence in the last two to three seaosns.

Rennie said that it was hard to battle it out and still nearly come away with the victory.

"To get that close (despite) the fact that we really battled in the collision area, with and without the ball," he said.

“If we’d been tidier in those areas we might have got a better result.”

The Chiefs coach also said that while his charges got better as the match progressed, but this only increased the frustrations as the coaching team felt that the defending champions were a lot better than what they put out on Newlands over the weekend.

“Some of the ball we got we used pretty well, but it took us a while to get going," he said.

“It could be worse of course. The thing that’s frustrating at the moment is that we’re better than what we put on the park. To the Stormers credit they played well. They were physical in that contact area carrying the ball and they defended well.

“There were some things we thought we could put on the park to put them under pressure and we got it right probably in the last 20 or 30. But it wasn’t good enough earlier on and we got ourselves behind on the scoreboard.”

While the Chiefs could have snatched the game towards the death, Rennie felt that it might have been undeserved.

“We might have been given a penalty and might have stolen the game," he said.

"But whether we deserved to win is probably another question.”