Richie talks about leadership, challenges and pressure

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James Mortimer     12 Mar 2013     Getty Images

Leadership - Get my job right, and that will take care of what my job is as captain...leadership is lonely at times, it is so easy to get wrong...I wasn't as comfortable at the beginning...because of my own insecurities I didn't know how much the senior guys looked to the end of the day, I've got guys who have played as long as I is about getting the right answer as a group, it isn't about me.

Challenges - There has been a few big challenges along the way...when I first became captain, I thought I was ready...the lesson of 2007, could have gone one or two ways, feel sorry for myself, or realise it is a tough old lesson and come back from it...2009 we lost three in a row to the Springboks, it was a quite unenjoyable year...and I actually questioned whether I was good either sulk a bit or stand up.

Pressure - What really intrigues me about pressure is there is little between top athletes in sport...often it is where you look, look down, you look out, but look in control, it looks like to your own team-mates you look the Rugby World Cup Final I felt under pressure, but I knew my team expected me too look in control...expectation that comes with playing with the All Blacks...easy to feel like it a heavy weight, but I would hate to be in a team that would expect it not to be is about consistency...for the All Blacks, we might not have to be 10/10, but we have to be 8.5/10 at all times.