The AB 7s and NZ Womens Sevens teams settled into routines     25 Jun 2013

Both sides have trained side by side at pitches in the giant Luzhniki Olympic Stadium complex where Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013 kicks off on Friday.

The New Zealand Women’s Sevens wasted no time in getting into an intense training session, the morning after arriving in Moscow.

Captain Huriana Manuel back for her second World Cup said the team had rested well after the long haul from New Zealand.

"We are feeling great, we’ve recovered well and the girls are just ready to go. We are very excited to be in Russia, it’s a first for everyone, not much rugby happens in here, but we are hoping to build crowds and that people get behind the game and us."

Coach Sean Horan said playing a World Cup in Moscow was a unique moment for his young side.

“This is a pinnacle event and that’s the exciting thing about it – it’s the World Cup and there won’t be another pinnacle event for the women until the Olympics so it’s a good test ground so it would be nice to cap off a pretty enjoyable year, but in the end it’s all about growing towards the Olympics in 2016.”

The All Blacks Sevens ended their second day of training with a noticeable lift in intensity.

“It’s about getting tuned for a big tournament, just once every four years so that is why it is very special. We haven’t won since 2001 so that’s why it is very important we get off to a good start Friday.

“Russia is new for us and new for a lot of the teams. A few of the teams, England and Wales have played in tournaments here before so they probably have a step on us in terms of what to expect, but good playing temperatures, outstanding training facilities, good training grounds.

“We have got lots of competition for places in the team. I couldn’t name my first side which is great. It’s competitive and the guys are starting to gel at training. You want that keenness and enthusiasm and the boys getting excited and we are starting to be at the moment.”

All Blacks Sevens captain DJ Forbes said playing in Russia was a novel experience for the team.

"It's my first time in Russia and I never would have dreamt of playing here. We turned up at Slava Rugby Club for training on Sunday and had a good turn out. I guess there’s a community of people out there supporting the black jersey and supporting rugby in general which is exciting.

"It’s an awesome occasion to be part of and the stepping stones are in place for the Commonwealth games next year and building on to the Olympic Games. So hopefully we can start well."

The All Blacks lift their training a notch in coming days with hit outs against Scotland and the Philippines.

“It’s important we take a lot out of the games, we are trying new things so it’s an opportunity to do that," said Tietjens.