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Chiefs forward Tameifuna issued an Off-Field Yellow Card

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SANZAR     07 Jul 2013     Getty Images

A player must not do anything that is against the spirit of good sportsmanship in the playing enclosure – dangerous grabbing on an opponent without the ball.

Tameifuna put his hand over the face and eye area of Crusaders No.1 (Wyatt Crokett) whilst in a maul. The deliberate and sustained grappling head-lock action had potential to cause injury to Crockett’s facial area and was an act contrary to good sportsmanship.

The incident occurred in the 15th minute of the match between the Crusaders and the Chiefs played at AMI Stadium in Christchurch on 5th July 2013.

An Off-Field Yellow Card may be issued by the SANZAR Citing Commissioner for foul play incidents that are very close to, but in his opinion do not meet the Red Card threshold for Citings.

In this case the incident was not acted on by the referee for the match and on further review of the match footage the Citing Commissioner deemed an Off-Field Yellow Card was appropriate.