McKenzie confident of Bledisloe success

Photosport     05 Aug 2013     Photosport

McKenzie, who replaced former coach Robbie Deans in July, takes charge for Australia's Investec Rugby Championship opener against New Zealand in Sydney on August 17.

The fixture will also be the first of three contests to decide the victor of the annual Bledisloe Cup between Australia and the All Blacks.

The Wallabies may have failed to secure the trophy for the past decade, but McKenzie feels the current squad are capable of beating their great rivals.

"No one beats them frequently. But it depends a lot on your mindset," he said.

"If doesn't mean you'll get it right every time, statistically it's quite a difficult task, but head-to-head, every one of our players has tasted success against them at some point in time.

"So you can say you've had an outcome there and we can extrapolate that through and then those head-to-head contests become a competition between the teams and that will come down to strategy and tactics and technique or whatever.

"We play against them more than anyone else, in different contexts, so there's no need to go out there feeling inferior or that it can't be done.

"I can't see any reason why we wouldn't. We're close enough to the top of the rankings. Why can't we win it?

"It's harder to win the Bledisloe than to retain it, the way it's structured, but we have to go out there with a positive mindset."

The remaining fixtures for the Bledisloe Cup will take place in Wellington on August 24 with the third encounter taking place in Dunedin on October 19.