Hooper not happy with Kiwi fans

Getty Images     21 Aug 2013     Getty Images

New Zealand-born Cooper became public enemy number one at the 2011 Rugby World Cup after making inflammatory comments prior to the tournament.

The 25-year-old received a similarly hostile reception from the Kiwi contingent at ANZ Stadium, copping a barrage of boos before and during the game after coming on as a replacement in the final quarter.

"It's something that Quade has dealt with quite well because I think it's quite unreasonable what the All Blacks supporters are doing to him," Hooper, who signed a three-year contract extension with the ARU and Waratahs, said on Monday.

"He's a great player and a really good guy so I think everyone who enjoys footy wants to see him do well and I think the booing's a bit below the belt.

"He deserves more than that as a player and I think he's got more to bring and I think with time on the field and the performances that he can put on there, that'll change and the booing will go because people want to see him play and he's a very exciting player to watch."

Asked how Cooper, who was making his comeback from a 11-month Test hiatus, handled the response from Kiwi fans, Hooper replied: "I'm not sure, I can't comment on him personally but something like that would spur you onto prove them wrong so I think he's got it under control."

Meanwhile, Hooper insists the Wallabies remain upbeat about their chances of reversing the result in Saturday's return clash in Wellington.

"In regards to the weekend we are positive about it. We put 29 points on which is something that we've only done twice in the last 10 or so years," he said.

"So for being together for two weeks I think that's a great achievement, however, we gave them too many opportunities."

"I think it's about not giving them those opportunities ... they're a great team in the fact they can capitalise it and put 47 points on us, but we can't let them have that."

Asked if the All Blacks hold a psychological advantage over the Wallabies, Hooper added: "They've held the Cup for the last 10 years so there's definitely a bit of that, but in saying that there'd be nervous about losing it and we really want it.

"We've got two games now to claw it back and they're going to be tough over there but we all really want it.

"Everyone says that each year but this group's hungry for success I think."

Hooper says his decision to recommit to Australian rugby for the 2016 was a simple one.

"I was already signed for next year and I wanted obviously to be involved here," he said.

"I had a fantastic year last year and first year with the Waratahs this year and I loved every minute of it.

"And I feel that firstly with the Waratahs we've got a lot of growing to do and we've got good area to improve and really make finals footy.

"And then with the Wallabies once you get a taste of it you just want more and more so it was a pretty easy decision for me really."