Franks salutes Woodcock's ton

Getty Images     24 Aug 2013     Getty Images

As the pair go to battle again against Australia in front of a record crowd at Westpac Stadium in Wellington on Saturday night Franks will be playing his 47th Test.

"I've definitely looked up to him. Growing up there was him and Carl Hayman in the front row and they were unstoppable.

"I have a lot of respect for him and he's caused a lot of tightheads havoc over the years and to be 10 years in the All Blacks environment and play 100 Tests is pretty outstanding," he said.

Woodcock and Hayman had taken New Zealand front row play to another level.

"Playing in the same team as a prop with high standards like he has, especially scrummaging-wise can only help you, scrumming against him at training and learning by watching," he said.

Franks remembered the first time he had to pack down against Woodcock having grown up watching him on television.

"I just remember being really pumped for it and being really excited and really nervous as well because I knew if I didn't scrum well he would make me pay for it," he said.

The new laws in scrummaging were a case of 'time in the saddle', Franks said.

"Every time we train it is getting better and we need to execute a lot better this week to give our backs better ball," he said.

Franks felt the scrummaging contest now was probably harder than under the old laws because it was necessary to stay in the fight a lot longer and it took the hit out of the contest so it was tough.