Genia rates his All Blacks rival

Getty Images     24 Aug 2013     Getty Images

The New Zealander was only launched onto the Test rugby scene last year but with his snappy clearance and his speed about the ground he has made a significant impression as an integral part of the faster game the world champions are attempting to play.

Genia said Smith's play was measured by his ability to spark attack around the ruck.

"He's very nippy, quite quick. As he showed last Saturday he really attacks the 1-2-3 defence and puts them under pressure.

"I thought he was outstanding last week and I so we have got to make sure we limit his impact on the game."

Genia said as halfbacks go Smith was one of the more dangerous players in the position in the world and while it wasn't a one-on-one battle between them both, it was an issue for the opposition.

"He's really pesky about the ruck and really, really good. He takes on the ruck and makes sure he keeps the defenders honest and tight which also creates space for guys on the outside," he told Sportal.

Genia said the side had learned their lessons from last week's loss in Sydney and the main aspect of that was in relation to attitude. Attention had also been paid to kicking more effectively. It was something they had worked hard at practising during the week.

Coach Ewen McKenzie had kept the faith with the side and Genia saw that as more a sign of confidence in the team.

"We didn't get the job done, we didn't do what we wanted to do last Saturday but chopping and changing is not going to do anything, it's just going to disrupt continuity," he said.

As far as New Zealand were concerned, especially with debut five-eighths Tom Taylor running the cutter, Genia warned Australia would be looking to win and doing whatever it took to get the job done.

"We're going to look to put as much pressure, not just on him but them, and we're going to work our backsides off. We're sick of losing.

"I don't say that and laugh. We are sick of losing and we want to do something about it," he said.