Dagg: Taylor will handle pressure

Gettys     24 Aug 2013     Gettys

There would be some nerves, there always were, but Dagg said he had told him to back his game and to be relaxed.

"He's here because he's a quality player and the selectors have got faith in him and that he can go in there and do the job and hopefully he's got his radar on and kicking all those goals like he did in the Super Rugby," he said

Dagg admitted to having tried to impress with the goal-kicking tee at practice during the week but he hadn't been successful.

"He's a sharp-shooter and that's what we need to take all our opportunities this weekend. He's got good instincts, he's quick, he's fast, he's got a good running game and a good passing game and that is something we really need," he said.

Having put the Australian kicking game under a lot of pressure last week, Dagg said it was reasonable to expect a lot more high balls this week. And there might also be some cross-kicks to bring Israel Folau into the game.

"We're preparing for all that and hopefully we can get on top of it," he said.

One of the goals of the back three was to own the back field and stamp their mark and if they were able to repeat and improve on last week's effort they would do well.

"Before attack we've got to get our defence right because defence wins games, especially big games like Bledisloe Cups and if the boys can get their attitude right and their communication right and things like then it will definitely help our game," he said.

Dagg said the threat of Folau had not concentrated the defensive attention of the side more than other players. Doing that meant you were taking your mind away from your own job and the other guys around you.

"There's 15 guys out there who are the best in their position in their country so we've got to focus on everyone but Izzy's a quality player and we saw what he did against the Lions so you've got to keep that in the back of your mind," he said.

"If you prepare well you get the confidence to go out and do the job well and that's what I am doing to get my game right for Saturday," Dagg said.