Robshaw wants to create Fortress Twickenham

Getty Images     12 Nov 2013     Getty Images

England have won nine out of 10 Tests since beating New Zealand last year and know that the example was set for them by the Rugby World Cup-winning England side which had 22 consecutive victories at Twickenham from 1999 in the build-up to their success in Sydney in 2003.

Robshaw said on Monday: "A lot of our memories and beliefs from growing up were based on the 2003 era and seeing what they did.

"You knew everyone who came to Twickenham back then was not going to get the result they wanted."

But it wasn't easy building a similar record and a lot of hard work was involved.

"We've got a long way to go but hopefully we can start to create that. And I believe we're getting there.

"The next hurdle is a massive one but that's where we want to be," he said.

Last year the win over the All Blacks was generated by successive losses to Australia and South Africa. And while they had beaten Australia and Argentina this year in the lead-up to Saturday, it was the intensity and passion they developed last year ahead of the New Zealand match that needed to be replicated for Saturday.

"It's easy to do it when your backs are against the wall. When you've got no pressure on you whatsoever it's different.

"We don't want to put ourselves in that situation to get the performances.

"You've got to make sure you put that pressure on yourselves, on each other, to make sure you're better every time," Robshaw said.