Numerous lessons have shaped Hansen's All Blacks

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James Mortimer     02 Dec 2013     Getty Images

It has been over a week since the World Champions added another record by beating Ireland, by the tightest of margins, to go unbeaten, while the All Blacks head coach has overseen The Barbarians in their impressive victory over Fiji, winning 43-19.

Hansen, who named eight All Blacks in the Baa-Baas squad, told the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom that the need to set big goals wasn't directly related around what is another proud record for the world's number one ranked team.

"Did I think we would end up with this record?" he said.

"No, but I did think we had to have lofty goals and work hard to improve on where we were. Otherwise, what was the point?"

While the All Blacks will eventually disband, with some still wrapping up certain sponsor activities, while others are already beginning holidays.

However next year Hansen promised there would be no let off for the All Blacks, saying that his team will need to step up yet again.

"We can get better next year and we must because everybody else will improve," Hansen said.

Improving is something even the harshest critic would agree Hansen has done, deciding tactically that a calm halftime speech was a better option.

"I knew at halftime our attitude had been good," he said.

"So there was no need to give them a roasting. It was about bringing them together, showing them I still believed in them, that they could still do it."