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Be healthy and eat like the champions!

Getty Images and James Mortimer     18 Jan 2014     Getty Images

The Chiefs were treated to an amazing variety of delicious salads, with lovely organic sausages from the BBQ, complimented by relishes and sauces as a taste of some of the products that are provided when you sign up to receive My Food Bag.

My Food Bag’s ambassador, Masterchef winner Nadia Lim, answered questions and talked to the team and management about the My Food Bag concept; That healthy and delicious food can also be convenient, exciting and lots of fun.

While some Chiefs staff were already signed up to My Food Bag, members of the squad have since signed up as well, and are raving about it. The players have mentioned that it has turned into a mini competition at home as to who can cook the best meals from the recipes and ingredients supplied in the weekly deliveries.

By visiting the My Food Bag website, you can choose which food bag best suits your household, The food is delivered to your door on a weekly basis, with the recipes also provided. It couldn’t be easier to eat like the Chiefs!

Thanks again to the My Food Bag team who did a wonderful job and made sure there was plenty of food for the players.

The Chiefs would also like to thank the generous suppliers who provided the ingredients for the BBQ: Harmony Foods, Fresh Direct and Paneton.