They said it - 2014 USA7s reaction

Getty Images and James Mortimer     27 Jan 2014     Getty Images


Neil Powell, SA Sevens coach: "Unbelievable feeling, but well deserved for the players. They work hard back home and it is all credit to their them. The guts, the commitment it is unbelievable. We really work hard on our defensive structures, and even the smaller guys like Cecil and Branco throw themselves into the tackles and punch well above their body weight."

Kyle Brown, SA Sevens captain: "Maybe I should just miss a year every time and hopefully come back and do better. But the guys did incredibly well, they toughed it out, they were hurting before that game. But I am so proud, we did exactly what we wanted to do and forced very uncommon errors from them. I am stoked to have moved ahead of New Zealand but we there are still five more rounds to go, and the guys won't let their feet leave the ground too much."

Chris Dry, SA Sevens: "First of all thanks to everyone who came to support us, it is always nice coming back to Vegas and the guys responded well. It is awesome to be named in the dream team, I just wish it could be a team of South Africans because they were all awesome and credit to all of the guys around me."

Geraint John, Canada coach, third in USA: "I thought we played really well. The second half performance, the restarts, you have to give everyone compliments. Finishing third in the world, it is not often you can say that. With a lot of high school teams here, hopefully it will give them encouragement and give our players a little bit of a spotlight which is brilliant and they deserve every spotlight they get."

Osea Kolinisau on Fiji's Bowl triumph: "This doesn't make up for the tournament as we planned to win this weekend. We are playing for our places for Wellington and I am glad the coach [Ben Ryan] said what he did as it made the boys work harder."

USA's Zack Test, Shield winners: "We showed real character there after coming away with nothing on the first day. To beat Spain, get some points was great. We have a great group of guys and we are heading in the right direction before Wellington."

Kiwi coach Gordon Tietjens: "Canada took it to us and full credit to them. The final is another game and replica of last yar's final. We have never won in Vegas so we are going to give it a good go."


Canada captain John Moonlight: "I didn't even know we'd made one before, so that's amazing. We are very excited. A bit scrappy out there but this is where we aspire to be every time so it's nice to get there. All the guys train together, the guys here and those back home, but this is a great feeling right now."
New Zealand coach Gordon Tietjens: "It's always motivation when we haven't won a tournament, but we know we have to be tip top for it. All teams come hunting for us so it will be no different with Canada."

Neil Powell, South Africa coach: "I think the fact the pitch is a bit narrow actually suits us as our defensive structures are in place. Overall happy with the performance of the guys and we try to make more space for the backs with the likes of Seabelo and Sampie. It is great to have quality like that. We hope they will both be okay for tomorrow, as they have ankle injuries, but if not we have more than capable guys that will take their slots."

Zack Test, USA Sevens: "The fans want to see us come and compete hard and get some wins so it's good to get that under our belt. We have played pretty close with Wales, this year and last season. They are good but we have to come out and play with that intensity and we are confident we can do that. It is a dream come true to play in front of a home crowd, every little boy wishes they can come out and play in front of their family and friends and I am so happy to be here."

Colin Gregor, Scotland captain: "We knew we were up against it in that pool, and we're disappointed we couldn't get a win. But we knew what we had to do here and we deprived Portugal of some ball, and it was nice to score some tries. We are a team that goes through the phases, and we'll have to do more of that if we are to beat Kenya tomorrow."


Paul Treu, Kenya coach: "We didn't start too well against Canada with the defeat there. We have a life line now, though we know it will be hard against an impresive South Africa. I know the best defence stands a good chance of winning here in Las Vegas, and so far they've not conceded a point."

Nicolas Bruzzone, Argentina captain: "We have been building momentum, and we now need to take this into tomorrow. We have a lot of new players here, and under our new coach we are just trying to get better. We have won Cups here in USA before, but we have a long way to go and we have to play like this and build and then we'll see."

Matt Hawkins, USA coach: "It is Incredibly frustrating, the guys put so much into that. But they have to learn from things like this, and they need to come back tomorrow and pick themselves up. We are doing the right things, but we just need to get the results in our favour. The USA fans are the most patriotic fans out there and their support is amazing, we want the results as much as they do."