Hurricanes hope for inconsistency remedy

Getty Images     12 Feb 2014     Getty Images

Returning wing Cory Jane said the team did have a habit of winning big games but then losing games they should be able to win.

"Everyone has always said over the last few years we've had the backs but haven't had the forwards, whereas last year was completely different. We had the forwards and our backs were pretty average.

"This year we've worked on a new structure so everyone needs to be in their roles for that to work. So there is accountability right there.

"And it's just about sticking to that and backing ourselves," Jane said.

"We didn't see any of that last year, no-one backed themselves and I was a spectator [due to injury] and I saw it."

Rugby needed to be as much fun as possible and the Hurricanes had worked hard at achieving that. Jane is keen to get back into action as soon as possible having missed last year's campaign.

In the quest for consistency there was a need to have a greater concentration on mental preparation. There was also a need to be disciplined while understanding each other's roles in the side.

"In Super Rugby sometimes guys who have been around for a while tend to look after other guys in different positions where now, if you don't do your role you are in review after that game. There's no hiding because the competition level is too high for other people to look after other people.

"You've got to learn your role. Everyone has done that. It has never been like that in the team before. We're getting down to the finer details of where guys should be, what lines they should run and really taking our time to craft that work. I've never had that in the Hurricanes in my eight years," he said.

While there had always been a desire to work hard in the side, it was about making the right decisions when working hard.

He said it was a more professional approach and if a gauge could be taken from the pre-season, and that could be maintained through the season, then the Hurricanes should have a good year, he said.

Another factor was the greater utilisation of skills coaches that had not been done before and that helped spread the message, and understanding, for the players. Added to that was the work of players in specialist groups working on problems and reporting back for the greater good, resulting in better use of time in preparation.

Jane was happy to concentrate on playing wing and allowing Andre Taylor to make the most of his stationing at fullback because he hadn't enjoyed the best of seasons last year.

But if he was asked Jane said he would drop back to fullback in a heartbeat.