Cotter's style wins praise

Getty Images     23 Apr 2014     Getty Images

As Clermont look to claim the Heineken Cup that was denied them when losing last year's final 15-16 to Toulon, Kayser said Cotter was focused on seeing out the season with his club and had never mentioned his departure for Scotland.

"He's ruthless: all the great coaches I've met in my career are the same, great leaders of teams and men.

"He's extremely hard-working, knows his direction, and he's just a real captain of the ship and that's what you expect from the boss," he told as Clermont prepare to play Saracens on Saturday in their next step towards the final.

Kayser said he felt Cotter's management had evolved drastically after he needed to impose a winning culture on the club after his arrival. He also had to impose his way of thinking on the side.

"He will boss guys around and make sure that he pushes them to their absolute best."

Once having everything in place he had involved the players in the management and leadership of the side.

"He's just the boss on top of that who is piloting everything. So I think he's really shown his smart management," Kayser said.

Cotter had never mentioned the fact it was his last year with the club as an incentive for the side.

"He just wants us to win and to finally go to our full potential, not for him but just for the whole team and the whole club."

Kayser said the Toulon loss last year was the biggest defeat of his career and it had caused Clermont to struggle for a little at the start of the new season and it would always hurt no matter how much success might occur in the future.

But they had bounced back and could not afford to think about the past because that would be a trap and the task against Saracens was going to be hard enough as it was, he said.