Mallett: South African teams are not performing

Getty Images     23 Apr 2014     Getty Images

Speaking on Supersport, Mallett said the conference was 'significantly weaker' than Australia or New Zealand's conferences and the South African sides were not performing.

South African sides, with the exception of the Sharks, lacked the ability to create opportunities on attack and to score tries.

Mallett said it had been a 'terrible' season for South African teams with the Lions, Stormers and Cheetahs in the last three places on the points table and the second team, placed ninth.

Mallett also produced figures to back his comments.

South Africa:

Teams had played 43 games, had won 17, scored 13 bonus points and 72 tries and had 85 points.


Teams had played 40 games, for 22 wins, 16 bonus points, 91 tries and 104 points.

New Zealand:

Teams have played 39 games and had won 20 while scoring 19 bonus points and 98 tries for 103 points.

In spite of having played four games less than South African sides, New Zealand sides had scored 26 more tries than South African teams.