Kenya to arrive in Scotland with weakened squad

Getty Images     30 Apr 2014     Getty Images

The former captain joins the squad in place of Philip Wamae who was injured in training.

Already without Oscar Ouma and captain Andrew Amonde for the final two rounds of the HSBC Sevens World Series in Glasgow and London through injury, Kayange's inclusion is a boost to the side.

Oscar Ouma, captain Andrew Amonde, Daniel Sikuta and Maxwell Theuri are four players missing from the side that won the Shield in Hong Kong, and have been replaced by Felix Ayange, Michael Wanjala, Tony Owuor and Kayange.

"It's going to be tough without our captain Andrew Amonde who is ruled out as well as key players who are out through injury or other commitments," said Treu.

"But we look forward to the challenge..we honestly believe we can finish the season on a high."

Squad: Collins Injera (c), Horace Otieno, Patrice Agunda, Felix Ayange, Billy Odhiambo, Dennis Ombachi, Biko Adema, Humphrey Kayange, Michael Wanjala, Oscar Ayodi, Tony Owuor, Michael Agevi