All you need to know: 2014 IRB Junior World Championship

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All JWC2014 information on the tournament match schedule, squads, match previews and reviews, team community visits etc will be available at

Each of the participating teams will make at least three visits each to schools, rugby clubs, charities and community groups throughout Auckland to ensure a lasting legacy for the region.

This will include a special event on June 1, when Scotland, Fiji, New Zealand and Italy Under 20 sides are on hand at the Cloud in Auckland for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations meeting fans, taking part in some fun games and activities and providing plenty of giveaways.

New Zealand squad for event:

Lachlan Boshier
Timothy Cadwallader          
Troy Callander
Geoffrey Cridge
Joshua Dickson
Epalahame Faiva
Kyle Harris
Mitchell Jacobson
Tau  Koloamatangi  
Scott Mellow
Atunaisa Moli  
James O'Reilly  
Matthew Peni
Tom Sanders
James Tucker
Bay of Plenty          
Hawke’s Bay
Mitchell Drummond
Kaveinga Finau
Leon Fukofuka 
Tinoai (TJ) Faiane
Jackson Garden-Bachop 
Simon Hickey (captain)
Tevita  Li
Anton Lienert-Brown
Damian McKenzie
Richard Mo'unga
Joshua Renton
Vincent  Tavae-Aso
Tauasosi Tuimavave
North Harbour

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Player profiles:

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Atunaisa Moli.

Damian McKenzie.

Tom Sanders.

Josh Renton.

Richard Mo'unga.

Other key information:

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New Zealand matches:

Monday 2 June
V Samoa
7:35pm, North Harbour Stadium

Friday 6 June
V South Africa
7:35pm, North Harbour Stadium

Tuesday 10 June
V Scotland
7:35pm, ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe


Host countries:

2008 - Wales
2009 - Japan
2010 - Argentina
2011 - Italy
2012 - South Africa
2013 - France
2014 - New Zealand


ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe;
QBE Stadium, North Harbour;
Eden Park, Auckland.

Tickets – from $5 children, $10 for adults. 


Official Team Welcome Friday 30 May Orakei Marae

Kick off Monday 2 June

Pool A: Argentina, Australia, England, Italy.

02 Jun, 13:35 Argentina - Australia ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
02 Jun, 17:35 England - Italy ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
06 Jun, 15:35 Argentina - Italy QBE Stadium, Auckland
06 Jun, 17:35 England - Australia QBE Stadium, Auckland
10 Jun, 15:35 Australia - Italy ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
10 Jun, 17:35 England - Argentina QBE Stadium, Auckland

Pool B: France, Fiji, Ireland, Wales.

02 Jun, 15:35 Wales - Fiji ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
02 Jun, 17:35 France - Ireland QBE Stadium, Auckland
06 Jun, 15:35 France - Fiji ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
06 Jun, 17:35 Wales - Ireland ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
10 Jun, 13:35 Ireland - Fiji QBE Stadium, Auckland
10 Jun, 15:35 Wales - France QBE Stadium, Auckland

Pool C: New Zealand, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa.

02 Jun, 15:35 South Africa - Scotland QBE Stadium, Auckland
02 Jun, 19:35 New Zealand - Samoa QBE Stadium, Auckland
06 Jun, 13:35 Scotland - Samoa ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
06 Jun, 19:35 New Zealand - South Africa QBE Stadium, Auckland
10 Jun, 17:35 Samoa - South Africa ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
10 Jun, 19:35 New Zealand - Scotland ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe

9th Place Semi Final

15 Jun, 12:35 10th Seed - 11th Seed ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe
15 Jun, 15:05 9th Seed - 12th Seed ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe

5th Place Semi Finals

15 Jun, 14:35 5th Seed - 8th Seed QBE Stadium, Auckland
15 Jun, 17:35 6th Seed - 7th Seed ECOLight Stadium, Pukekohe

Semi Finals

15 Jun, 17:05 2nd Seed - 3rd Seed QBE Stadium, Auckland
15 Jun, 19:35 1st Seed - 4th Seed QBE Stadium, Auckland

11th Place Play-Off

20 Jun, 12:35 Loser Match 19 - Loser Match 20 QBE Stadium, Auckland

9th Place Play-Off

20 Jun, 15:05 Winner Match 19 - Winner Match 20 QBE Stadium, Auckland

7th Place Play-Off

20 Jun, 17:35 Loser Match 21 - Loser Match 22 QBE Stadium, Auckland

5th Place Play-Off

20 Jun, 14:35 Winner Match 21 - Winner Match 22 Eden Park, Auckland

3rd Place Play-Off

20 Jun, 17:05 Loser Match 23 - Loser Match 24 Eden Park, Auckland


20 Jun, 19:35 Winner Match 23 - Winner Match 24 Eden Park, Auckland

Roll of honour:

2008 - New Zealand
2009 - New Zealand
2010 - New Zealand
2011 - New Zealand
2012 - South Africa
2013 - England

Hear from some of the old boys...