Canada want to take risks against Black Ferns

Rugby Canada     15 Jun 2014     Rugby Canada

Ratier’s side were on the wrong end of a 16-8 defeat to New Zealand, but took comfort from the fact the Canucks were well in the match.

“We think we can do better, much better. We can use the space a bit more – we played a very, very tight game against the Ferns.”

The eight-point loss was the side’s closest defeat in nine matches stretching back to their inaugural encounter in 1991.

The series was the ideal preparation for the Women’s Rugby World Cup, but the series provided the Canadians with an opportunity to experiment with a free licence. That meant taking risks.

“To play with confidence, to take all the risks, to the show the world that we can be at the World Cup not just to participate, but to be competitive,” said Ratier.

Ratier said his side has developed well and the team’s attacking pressure and risk-taking were key elements that saw them overcome England twice in the Nations Cup last August.

The risk-and-reward play he has continued to install in the side is something he will be calling on again for the side’s second chance at the Black Ferns in four days.

“Honestly, we are upset when they don’t take risks. That’s what rugby is all about.”

Ratier believed his side would benefit from the experience of playing the world champions on their home pitch, but said any fear from the players needed to be taken care of.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a World Cup or exhibition – if there’s pressure, then we’re failing.

“The way we want to play with this team is an open style. Lot of tap-and-go, lot of counter attack. They know we are backing them and that’s the only way we know.”