Australia were warned but didn't respond

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Lynn McConnell     24 Aug 2014     Getty Images

McKenzie said it had been an 'extremely disappointing' result and the side had been passive.
It would be a case of going back to the selection drawing board, he said.
The side had been affected by the yellow card suffered when Rob Simmons had to exit the game - a situation that cost two tries.
"We can't sit here and think anything other than we didn't perform up to our expectations. We've come off a bunch of wins and this is a really disappointing loss for us and disappointed about how we went out about. They played well, no question," he said.
"I know we're better than that so that is why it is a really frustrating night."
Captain Michael Hooper said Australia had been chasing from the outset because the All Blacks got into good positions and owned the advantage line and that had taken a toll of the side which made it difficult to get back into the game.
Hooper said the Australians were not a broken entity and there were good things they could take from both games and there were some serious improvements needed as well, especially in learning how to win the big moments in games. Captalising on mistakes the other team make which the All Blacks had been very good at was another lesson.
McKenzie said Australia had suffered more from their yellow card to a second row player compared to New Zealand losing a back row player.