Joubert talks about 2011 World Cup final

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Lynn McConnell     13 Aug 2015     Getty Images

The All Blacks won 8-7 but with 15 minutes to go, and under pressure from a revived French side, Joubert was required to make a potentially match-altering decision.

After seeing their forwards get on top in the second half, dominating possession and territory statistics, the French were desperate for points which determined New Zealand defence had denied them.

"The French had a good pack you know, and they scrummed well in the final," Joubert told World Rugby TV.

"They put a lot of pressure on the All Blacks scrum, I think it was about 38m out and forced them back and I rewarded them for that dominance with a penalty.

"It was at this moment in the final that I knew that I had the courage to make a defining decision, if it was clear and obvious – and that was a clear and obvious decision – I was very comfortable to make it," Joubert said.

But French goal-kicker Francois Trinh-Duc's penalty goal attempt missed.

French team members blamed Joubert for their failure to win the final, their third unsuccessful attempt, but Joubert was able to deflect that criticism.

"Like any other game, I did a self-review of the World Cup final, and I think what is important to know is that I'm not perfect," he said.

He took lessons from his review, and said there were things that he would do differently.

"But at the same time, the real lesson I'll take out of that game was the realisation that, when you're in a big final and there's one point in it for the last half an hour to go, an enormous amount of scrutiny comes on every decision and every non-decision," he said.

There were two options in that circumstance: you could fear the scrutiny, or you could embrace it and accept it for what it was.

"I love being in the arena, I love the big occasion, I love the pressure that comes with that and I accept that scrutiny.

"I wouldn't give it up for the world," he said.