Hansen not looking beyond 2017

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Lynn McConnell     02 Nov 2015     Getty Images

Speaking after the All Blacks' 34-17 World Cup triumph over Australia, Hansen said there was a reason his contract only lasted until 2017 and that was because he wasn't sure of his coaching future after that.

"I wouldn't say 'no' but I'm certainly not saying 'yes' either.

"I like the idea of changing the guard halfway through a cycle which has a World Cup in the middle of it," he said.

Hansen said when people came into the coaching role it was easy to 'get some really dramatic shift early on and it's a lot harder to keep that momentum going'.

"For a long time, we have put everything on the World Cup as the centre, but unless you've got real strength of character, you can be tricked into making decisions which are right for your survival, as opposed to what is right for the team.

"I would probably say it is more likely that I won't be there after 2017. It's been a good trip so far and we've just got to finish it off," he said.

Hansen joined the All Blacks coaching regime in 2004 when Graham Henry took over the role and has been at the helm himself since 2012.

Double World Cup winning captain Richie McCaw outlined the method Hansen introduced when taking over after the All Blacks' Auckland triumph in 2011.

"He inspired the belief and desire that we could do something special now, while doing everything right along the way.

"Four years ago when he said we wanted to be No.1 until the next World Cup and win it again, you sort of go 'jeepers, you're thinking a long way out'.

"But his belief rubbed off on everyone. Steve never let complacency slip in. He brought in new players with energy and had faith that they would do the job," McCaw said.

While it was sad that such a core of experience was leaving the side now the campaign was complete, McCaw asked if there could have been any better way to finish.

"We didn't get too hung up on it being anyone's last game because it's more about enjoying the moment, you never get that back.

"Even now we're not thinking about that, we're just enjoying the moment," he said.

McCaw will continue to train, but on his own terms and at his own pace when going out for a run.

"I've been really tough on myself in terms of not looking past this moment, but I'm looking forward to going home and now worrying about things.

"It's just about not having that voice in the back of your mind saying to you every day 'what do I have to do to make sure I can do whatever down the track?'," he said.