Flanker-in-waiting taking nothing for granted

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Lynn McConnell     02 Nov 2015     Getty Images

He said he would be concentrating on putting his best foot forward to win selection.

Cane said, "It has been a very special tournament and if you had said to me at the start of the tournament that I would get to play every game, start a couple and captain one of them I would take that every day of the week.

"Being behind probably one of the greatest All Blacks of all time and the captain, you have got to have realistic expectations coming into a tournament like this. It's been a really enjoyable experience," he said.

With the job done it was a case of sitting back and reflecting and enjoying the team's success. It was all about the hard work that had been part of the process and the mateship that had resulted.

Cane said he wasn't thinking too much about the future because he was enjoying the moment.

"When do you know when you are going to win your next World Cup? There are some very special men in this team who have added a lot to the All Blacks over the years and we are enjoying our time."

Cane said it warmed his heart to have seen the reaction via social media back in New Zealand and to understand how much it all meant to New Zealanders.

"People all getting together with a big group of mates, and how it can bring people together and they celebrate collectively and it is pretty humbling to be part of a group that can bring such happiness to the country.

"We're looking forward to getting home and seeing the ones who stick with us and support us," he said.

The All Blacks would have a different shape about them in the future as the result of the loss of personnel but those players leaving would be leaving a piece of themselves in their jerseys and in the legacy because they were 'pretty special men', he said.