Owens: 'World Cup final a pretty easy game'

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Lynn McConnell     23 Dec 2015     Getty Images

Owens told World Rugby that it had been 'a pretty easy game' from his perspective.

"There were no controversial moments to deal with, both teams came out to play and I was just delighted that nobody was talking about me at the end of the match.

"That is exactly as it should be.

"It's fantastic when you get retrospective praise for making the correct call on difficult decisions but it's even better if people forget you were even on the pitch at all.

"Players make great games, not the referee," Owens said.

He added that he was often asked which laws of the game he would modify or change but he said the final summed up his feelings.

"If rugby can be played like that then in my opinion there's not much wrong with the laws as they stand," he said.

Owens said he it have been an honour and privilege to be given the Cup final and it capped what had been a brilliant tournament.

"I think it [the tournament] got the final it richly deserved. Like the majority of people, I thought the best team won and even the most passionate fans of the Wallabies I have spoken to since the match have had no complaints about the result.

"I was only partially aware out on the pitch quite how good the final was as it unfolded. The level of concentration you need to referee a Test match means you have a different perspective from the spectators in the stadium or the fans watching at home, but I do remember thinking when Australia scored their second try in the second half, cutting the All Blacks' lead to four points, that something special was happening.

"The noise at Twickenham was incredible but it was only afterwards, watching the final played back, that I really understood what a great contest it had been," he said.

Owens said at 44 he had been the oldest referee at the World Cup but he was enjoying the job and his fitness was still good. He said he would never carry on just for the sake of it or if he felt his level of performance was suffering but right now his mind and body were willing.

"A lot can change in four years but I'd love to be involved in Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan," he said.