Tour has three chances for Wales to win

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    19 Apr 2016     Getty Images

He says it's three opportunities to get a win over a team Wales haven't beaten for more than 60 years.

Warburton said a win over the All Blacks had not been on a Welsh player's CV for a long time.

"So it's an amazing opportunity more than anything," he told

"You know, you can go out there and give it everything because after that you've got the best of four or five weeks off to do absolutely nothing."

There were no excuses, he said.

"You know it's three games you've got to front up for and do the best you can, so whoever is selected I am sure will be really excited for that one."

Warburton doesn't buy into the perception that because the All Blacks had lost several experienced players they would be weaker.

"People say they have lost X amount of players, but while they might lose experience they will never lose talent," he said.

"The difference with New Zealand to any other country is the strength in depth and quality of player they have got.

"That's not trying to take pressure off ourselves, but I've just seen it many times when we've played them. They've had one or two guys missing and suddenly someone steps up from nowhere and they are an unbelievable player," he said.

Warburton, who has had an injury-racked season including a two-month lay-off, and being stretchered from the field in the Six Nations Test against England, said he was feeling stronger, especially in the contact area.

"My body doesn't feel like it's April because I had that two-month lay-off. I haven't played the rugby that a lot of guys have played coming into this stage of the season, so my body feels fine," he said.