All Blacks will need a 'different' way to win

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Lynn McConnell     25 Aug 2016     Getty Images

Coach Steve Hansen said it was difficult to back up after a good performance and it was important to control the thought patterns in the side and to get their feet back on the ground for what is likely to be a positive response from the Australians.


It was important to avoid sub-consciously relaxing because they needed to find a similar edge to what they had last week.

"The picture won't be the same. The painting we drew last week will totally be different because the opposition will be different for a start and we are going to have to find a way to win being different but that again is a side of a good team if they can do that," he said.

"It's a good challenge for us and we'll learn a bit more about ourselves after this game."

And one player who will be part of those lessons is debut second five-eighths Anton Lienert-Brown, originally from Christchurch but who has made his mark with the Chiefs.

He said he was both nervous and excited and over the next few days he would be looking at getting clear in his role and that would help his confidence heading into the game.

"I'll try and not get overwhelmed by the occasion and keep going back to my processes and trusting in that," he said.

It would be a step up from playing for the Chiefs but it was the little things that needed to be right in the overall game plan.

Both Lienert-Brown and Hansen said it was important for players coming in not to be overwhelmed with the atmosphere to allow them to do their job.

Hansen said: "He's been impressive in all the time he's been here and we've got all the confidence that he will go out and do the job.

"We've got a big task ahead of us, Australia are going to turn up and chuck the kitchen sink at us I should imagine. They've had a big week over there with their own disappointment and the media and their own fans having a crack at them so we'd be foolish to think they're not going to turn up and play really well," he said.

Lienert-Brown had been on Hansen's radar for some time through their Christchurch connection and Lienert-Brown attending Christchurch Boys' High School around the time that Hansen's sons were at the school.

"I don't think someone like Anton is going to go unnoticed. All of us knew who he was and that's because of what he did on the playing field. And that's why he's here, he's good enough to be here and now gets an opportunity, probably a little earlier than he would, and we would, have expected but we're very confident that he will go out and do the job," he said.

Hansen anticipated Australia going to a two five-eighths kicking game and that was reflected in the choice of starting Ben Smith at fullback and placing Israel Dagg on the wing. Also, Dagg had never started on the wing and it was a chance to assess how he coped with a view towards selections down the track.

If it panned out as expected the greater Australian kicking game could see Smith featuring in the game more than on the wing, he said.