Referee Talent Development Update: September 2016

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Vinny Munro for On the Mark     28 Sep 2016     Getty Images

This time of the year is hectic, but incredibly satisfying when you see the work the referees have put into their year culminating with some really good performances on the paddock.
As I have alluded to before, this doesn’t ‘just happen’. It is a result of a good solid, simple plan that they have been coached to during the year. Simply, this gives the referee the confidence to go out and deliver sound performances relating back to their plan. It’s not rocket science, but the key is having the plan correct.

After recently attending the Top 4 Schools playoffs and observing the quality of the rugby, I am even more convinced that some Referee Associations need to look at where they place the First XV competitions in order of priority for appointments made each week.

The next mission was to head into the Jock Hobbs Memorial National Under 19 Tournament in Taupo with eight referees ready, keen and raring to go. They were observed throughout the eight days, not only during their three games in the middle but also off the field.  For some this will be a stepping stone to bigger and brighter things. A key part of the week was how they operated off the field and what they bring to the game as “people”, what type of character are they, and whether they have the attributes off the field to succeed in the hot professional environment.

While for many referees the season is over, it is important that you review your season with your coach, take the learnings and be ready to implement them for the next season.
This year I have been keeping an eye on more than 60 referees and I thank the referees for being receptive to the feedback I have. I would also thank the RRAs and REOs for their support in placing the referees on games for the viewings.

Enjoy the spring!