Online Laws of the Game theory exam update

New Zealand Rugby

On the Mark     28 Sep 2016     New Zealand Rugby

The 475 referees who have sat the exam is an increase of more than 100 on numbers in previous years, which have ranged from 280 to 360.

We are aware of some minor problems being experienced by some candidates. Please note that we are advising the developers/suppliers of any problems encountered and they have been very helpful in addressing such concerns.

While a small number of the problems encountered are system errors, an equal number of reported problems are the result of candidates not appearing to have read or followed the instructions. Candidates must fully familiarise themselves with the instructions before attempting the exam.

Also, for information the Certificate printing video/instructions have recently been updated to help alleviate the problems some have encountered in printing certificates.

The Exam Developers have done some testing and they have determined that there was a bug in Internet Explorer that may have caused an issue for some candidates.

The bug has been fixed and the directions on the introduction module have now been amended to be more direct in advising that Chrome is the best browser. Internet Explorer is not very friendly with the exam, it tends to do some funny things and it is not recommended.

Below is what now appears in the Introduction:

Chrome Screenshot