Taiaha presents challenge to teams and fans

DHL NZ Lions Series 2017     04 Oct 2016    

It's the first time in the history of the iconic series that the players will be vying for a specially designed match trophy.

The Taiaha are a central part of the Series' design and depicts the arero (tongue) of a Taiaha (fighting staff) used by Maori. Each Taiaha has been individually named and represents the region the matches are being played in.

* Whangarei - Te Hiku, meaning the tail of the great fish of Maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga (North Island).
* Auckland - Te Raki, the geographical location denoting 'North'.
* Christchurch - Te Pou, a shortened version of Pounamu or greenstone which the South Island is renowned for.
* Dunedin - Te Tonga, a geographical location denoting 'South'.
* Rotorua - Te Roto, quite simply the lake considering the many lakes in the region.
* Hamilton - Te Tai, meaning the tide but in this context, is a shortened form of the local tribal canoe called Tai-nui.
* Wellington - Te Hau, meaning the wind and befits the windy Wellington region.