All Blacks will adapt quicker at Eden Park

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Lynn McConnell     21 Oct 2016     Getty Images

Coles said if there was a repeat of the niggle Australia brought in Wellington to final Bledisloe Cup Test, presented by American Express, the All Blacks would not only need to react a little faster to it but they would also need to be 'a bit more' task-focused'.

"We're just keen to play footy and get on with the job," he said.

"We probably got caught up with it and it affected us a bit in that game so it was a good lesson for us. If that thing comes out we'll deal with it but I'm pretty keen to move on and play a bit of footy."

Coles said with a bit of history on the line there was no complacency in the side and also the fact it was the last Test at home this year was a motivation as well.

He said the side was more aware of the history surrounding their game this time around when compared to their last attempt in 2014 when they had shied away from it a little.

"This year we've embraced it, we're aware of it but we're not getting too carried away. There's a lot of work to be done during the week and it would be awesome to be a part of that but both times the All Blacks have got close the Aussies have tripped us up so we know they'll be up for it and pretty keen to end that run."

First five-eighthsBeauden Barrett said it was all about the detail of the process, not the outcome.

"It's just like another Test match. We're on edge, ready to go. We're aware what's up for grabs but we want to stick to the process, stay in the moment and everything will take care of itself," he said.

Barrett said the Australians had improved since their earlier games with the All Blacks. They had had more of a break between Super Rugby and the first Test match so there had been 'a few cobwebs' in the first Test but a noticeable improvement in the second Test and since then in the other Championship Tests.

"We've seen gains in their game so we know they are going to be strong in the weekend," he said.

He also talked about why Eden Park was so special to the side. It was the biggest stadium in the country and where they had the most support in one stadium. The players enjoyed playing on the ground knowing the full support was there.

Coles said the improvement in the All Blacks had been significant in 2016 and that came down to the ability for players to better themselves each day had been huge and was an exciting environment when everyone was trying to get better.

"We've put a lot of work into this year and our performance has probably shown that and I think our ability to keep our feet firmly on the ground has been good as well. We haven't been getting ahead of ourselves and when you get a team like that, working hard for each other it was a good team to be involved with," he said.

Barrett said he was aware of the issues with his goal-kicking but he would continue to work on that and while it wasn't possible to kick every goal it was about how he bounced back when he missed.