Commemorating the 1905 Originals - Game 24 v England     02 Dec 2005    

The 23-year-old scored four tries in the All Blacks’ 15-0 win, which was a record until 1987.

As was expected, the match played at Crystal Palace, home of English soccer until Wembley Stadium was built, was a sellout and amongst the 70 000 spectators (although some claimed it was 100 000) was the Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family.

The ground was slippery and muddy and although the All Blacks played well, they were not at their best. And manager George Dixon wrote in his tour diary that the “game was on the tame side, the exciting moments being few and far between.”

But even so, CB Fry, a former international cricketer and soccer player wrote of the match: “The notion that these men beat us because of our physical degeneracy is nonsense. They beat us by organisation and by tactics.”

“Most notable was the uniform corporate instinct of the New Zealand pack of what was happening in the thick. They played like eight men with one eye, and that an all-seeing eye.”

The All Blacks had by now won all 24 matches but the next Test, against Wales, would prove to be one of their biggest matches.

Points scorers
New Zealand. Tries: Duncan McGregor (4), Fred Newton