Lions have to be ready to suffer - Seymour

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    19 May 2017     Getty Images

Seymour, who plays his rugby for Glasgow Warriors, told the BBC that a varied yet accurate game plan would be required to best the world champions.


"We've got to be willing to go through a lot of pain to beat this side," he said.

"We've just got to be at our utmost. We've got to make sure we know everything we're trying to do on the field inside and out. Everything's got to be second nature."

While they needed to be physical with the All Blacks, they also had to be willing to play rugby as well. They needed to have ambition.

"There's no point sitting on our heels and hoping you're going to have a physical confrontation with them.

"You've got to be willing to play and expand and really take the game to them as well. So I think for us, it's just about getting as much detail as possible on the field, and once we've got that detail making sure it's second nature," Seymour said.

While initial preparation has been hampered by player involvement in various competition finals needs, 14 of those free had attended a session at the Vale of Glamorgan this week.
"Guys have done very well at their clubs and are playing in semi-finals and finals, they're rightly where they should be," he said.

"You want everyone together, but we've had a really successful week, we've had enough numbers to be able to accomplish a lot of stuff. We've been able to tick a lot of boxes, and get a lot of things across that will give us a good head start going into the weeks to come.

"We've had a guy in every position as well, so even when it comes down to patterns and things rugby-wise, that has been able to be accomplished as well.

"I think it'll help to get everyone integrated as quickly as possible because there will be guys dotted around the field that can kind of explain what's going on and point everyone in the right direction. It'll help the coaches as well to get everyone embedded as quickly as possible," he said.

Meanwhile, an injury to Wales hooker Ken Owens has forced him out of the semi-final of the Pro12 for the Scarlets against Leinster this weekend after suffering an ankle injury in training. If he is unable to recover that could leave the way open for England's New Zealand-born hooker Dylan Hartley to be included in the side.