Lions need 'warriors and greyhounds' - Woodward

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    19 Jun 2017     Getty Images

He sees that as the way of dealing with the manner in which the All Blacks have made a habit of finishing strongest in the last quarter of Test matches.

"New Zealand above all teams in the world have mastered the art of upping their game – the tempo and intensity – in the final quarter, which is more often than not when they blow the opposition away," he said in the Mail on Sunday.

Woodward, who was at the helm in the 3-0 2005 series loss, said that in their last eight games at home, the All Blacks had conceded only an average of three points per half.

Gatland was aware of that after his Wales team was beaten 3-0 in New Zealand last June.

"The All Blacks bench was man for man superior, as was their fitness. All this must loom large in Warren Gatland's mind.

"If the Lions are going to win rather than just be competitive it seems to me they need their 'greyhounds' and best athletes on for that last 30 minutes," he said.

The Warriors employed for the first 50-60 minutes would continue the physical type of game already unleashed on the Crusaders and Maori All Blacks.

Woodward also said the Lions should engage the humble, low-key approach in the build-up to the Test and to employ a mantra that the Lions were massive underdogs.

"I would extravagantly praise the opposition – and frankly the All Blacks deserve enormous praise in any case," he said.

But he also added, "Steve Hansen and the All Blacks shouldn't be allowed at any stage to get away with statement claiming this to be a 50-50 match.

"The pressure must all be heaped on New Zealand," he said.

The ramifications for New Zealand losing the series would be far greater than those for the Lions, he said.

Woodward then, in an extraordinary comment dissed the midweek side of his 2005 team and its coach Sir Ian McGeehan by saying no-one remembered the fact they went through the tour unbeaten, so the Lions shouldn't get too swept up in their need to beat Waikato on Tuesday.

All the side's attentions should be focused on the best possible preparation for the Test side, he said.