All Blacks aiming to keep eyes on the prize

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Lynn McConnell     28 Jun 2017     Getty Images

Assistant coach Ian Foster said the All Blacks wanted to stay clear in their minds because whatever happened Sunday to Friday it was all about a game that was play on the Saturday.
While there were issues 'floating around' the fact remained they were preparing for a 'titanic Test match'.

"We're 1-0 up but we know there's going to be a very desperate team down the road and if we're not desperate and match that, or better that, then it's going to be a hard night for us.

"This whole week's just about us preparing and playing as well as we can. When there's a lot at stake often there's a lot of noise around games and people try and chuck things at you from different sides but at the end of the day it doesn't change a thing," he said.

In relation to charges about intentions of targeting Lions halfback Conor Murray, Foster said both sides wanted to target kickers and with four chargedowns in Auckland the Lions had probably done a better job than the All Blacks.

Having been beaten in the physical contest in the first Test, the Lions would be looking to improve on that effort while they would look to develop areas where they had stressed the All Blacks in what had been a 'massive arm wrestle', he said.

"I don't think there'll be massive changes on either side but both teams will be looking to execute better," he said.

Foster said he enjoyed plotting the way through the three Test series' that are played each June. It was a chance to develop a plan, change it and see who was the best learner during the three Tests.

After the first Test loss, Foster said it was clear there would be a reaction from the Lions.

"When emotions get high in big games it is a matter of who can match the physicality side and bring that but also have clear enough heads that we can make good decisions and see opportunities where they come. That's probably something we did quite well last week but we've got to make sure we do it again this week," he said.