Talent ID – Vinny Munro     12 Jul 2017    

Whatever part you played in the tour, whether as a spectator you can reflect on the rugby and when you have your referee eyes on, you can reflect on how that part of the series went.

We all have our own views on decisions but we need to look at the whole game. It shows that even under the same World Rugby laws that we all read, others do have different interpretations.

So when it comes to identifying talent and finding those who can go through all the way, hopefully in 4 or 8 years to referee a Lions tour games or even a test, we need to consider them as a person and how they adapt.

We are all humans and make mistakes, the key is how do you handle the situation, when you make a mistake? How well do you bounce back whether in the same game or at the next appointment?

So, yes you can learn the law book thoroughly but it is how you apply that law which is the key to assist in talent spotting. Remember the game is about 15 players on each team having a contest under the laws of rugby.

In a previous column I mentioned about the “rubber band” it is now timely to do a warrant of fitness on your rubber band to see what condition it is in. 
Have you over stretched it or is it flimsy and needing to be stretched?

The warrant of fitness may dictate what appointments you earn at the pointy end of the season, which is not far away.

Always do your best and things happen for a reason. Not everyone can get the main final in your grade, that is life as we only have one referee per game, BUT you can put yourself into contention to be selected. 

So keep charging towards the end of the season and good luck.