Hansen tackled on football's World Cup qualifiers

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Lynn McConnell     29 Sep 2017     Getty Images

There is a chance in the World Cup qualifying for next year's tournament in Moscow that the All Whites could play Argentina home and away for a place in the tournament, depending on how play-off games go in the South American group. 


New Zealand are to play the fifth side in the group and with two more games to be played Argentina are fifth, Peru fourth and Chile sixth.

Hansen was asked by a local journalist about the contact between the All Blacks and the All Whites ahead of the possible qualifier between November 6-14.

"We share a lot of our time with everybody back home in all sports. We think that's important and we've got a really close relationship with Anthony Hudson the coach.

"He's been with us and been and seen various people in the group individually and New Zealand Football is something we're trying to grow and get better at and it's going to be a massive occasion if we do play Argentina.

"I think we play them in Wellington and over here and the word is Messi is going to play in Wellington so if that's the case that will be a real treat for New Zealand football fans and all New Zealand sports loving people because he's a super star and it would be great to see him live," he said.
What the All Blacks could offer Hudson was probably not a lot but they could give him what they do and then it was for him to take away them what he thought might be useful in his environment.

So far as the Test in Buenos Aires on Sunday (NZT) was concerned Hansen said talking to the Pumas team management after their game in New Plymouth they had been happy with their game plan so he felt they would be similar in attacking the All Blacks at the breakdown and would kick the ball again.

"They're growing their game away from one or two areas, they're trying to expand how they play and they're starting to get better at it and I think it will be a really physical encounter," he said.

Familiarity with the atmosphere at games in Argentina was the result of more regular contact and it was a unique experience. That was why the new players to Argentina had gone to a local soccer match on Sunday.

Hansen said he had found the best way to reduce the noise of the crowd was to play well.