Laporte applies the pressure on France

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    08 Nov 2017     Getty Images

France wing Yoann Huget will play his 50th Test for France when meeting the All Blacks at Stade de France in Paris on Sunday (NZT) and told Midi Olympique that Laporte's demands had put some pressure on the side with his comments.

There was a little more pressure, Huget said and it didn't help that the first Test was against New Zealand. They were also having to integrate new players into the side so it would be too much to expect a revolution with in a week. Rather they were likely to have a simpler game plan in order to get everyone on the same page.

"We know very that things can happen very quickly against the All Blacks. If we make one or two mistakes we can be 14-0 down in a very short time. There is a need to concentrate that's for sure but we can't forget the desire to have some enjoyment as well," he said.

The 30-year-old from Toulouse has played the All Blacks four times and he said playing a three-Test series against them in the June window left you keen to get home.

"But having the chance to play them always brings the same pleasure. That is the beauty of the global game. Everyone is compared to them.

"They have the speed qualities of Australia and they hurt as much as South Africa. You have to know how to cope with their play," he said.

New players in the French squad Antoine Dupont and Anthonly Belleau had breathed some freshness into the group.

"They are a generation who come in with their heads on their shoulders and really interesting technical backgrounds. They are able to attack the line. They are excellent defenders and can play all over the field. They are impressive because of their cold-blooded approach. They always bring a plus to whatever side they play in," he said.

But France would be looking to present a united front, 'united against a black mountain', he called it.

"We want to build something solid with this group for the future. We don't say we're going to write a new page or start on a new story. We just hope that this game against the All Blacks can trigger something in this group, give us a new impetus to build on.

"It is an exciting match. The All Blacks are a wall defensively, but an impassable wall? I don't know. We believe we have the means to make a few holes in this wall and if we can we will.

"We know the All Blacks are a very consistent team with few losses giving them an impressive success ratio. Even when they are down they end up winning.

"While they were beaten by Australia two weeks ago they were still going for the win at the end. They are a team full of confidence, the best team in the world. But even at our level we must give ourselves the best chance to beat them," he said.