Clinical, united, unrelenting Aussies want more

World Rugby

    31 Jan 2018     World Rugby

It was a case of a day off and then straight back on the road to prepare for the next round in Hamilton at the weekend.

Sam Myers told, "It's a quick turnaround, especially when Sydney's the first week and you win it but we're really looking forward to the next challenge.

"That was a great performance on the weekend and the thing about good teams is they've got to be consistent so we're all keen and eager to get stuck in to Hamilton."

Success in Sydney did no favour in terms of pool selection for Australia as their key game will be against Fiji who will be reeling on their sixth placing in Sydney, courtesy of a 31-7 hiding by New Zealand in the playoff for fifth place.

Myers said they were aware of the challenge they would face in Hamilton.

"Our performance on the weekend was second to none.

"Keeping South Africa to zero, not many teams can do that, so we do have a bit of a target on the head and a few boys coming in, [but] they've been training well," he said.

The side will be without Boyd Killingworth after he suffered a hamstring injury.

Taking self-belief from the Sydney tournament had been a big boost for the side and they were aiming to back that up in Hamilton.

"We just need to believe and trust in our game plans. You can see from our results that when we do that, we're unstoppable. We go into these games with a game plan and just executing those," he said.

Coach Andy Friend said he had enormous belief in the side while their own belief had been growing. Part of that had been reinforcing their aggressive defence plan on Sunday morning and after that discussion the side hadn't looked back.

"There are three big words that define us: one is we're clinical, one is we're united and one is we're unrelenting, and that unrelenting part has always been in this team. We never give up and we basically build our team on that," he said.

The clinical side had been seen during the play-offs but it was only a start, there was still more to be done.

"We've got a big job this weekend…but we'll make sure we turn up next weekend and back it up," he said.

Further down the line, the win had been a timely boost to the side's profile ahead of the Commonwealth Games and Friend said: "We've got a home Commonwealth Games up on the Gold Coast and who knows what's going to happen there now?"